Five steps to improve your data analysis and create value

Image via under license to Johnny Dobbins.

Recently, I sat and watched in horror as a control room performance engineer eyeballed thousands of power curves from wind turbines in order to identify under performance. Her tableau dashboard was the best she had and undoubtedly she was able to make /some/ impact, but a 30x30 pixel plot multiplied by thousands just blends into irrelevance and likely a lot of missed opportunities.

Another time, a solar performance engineer had worked with a data scientist to develop an availability analytic for the inverters. It was a “black box” machine learning based analytic that literally resulted in every inverter having an…

Controlling your data is the first step to realizing value with it

Image via under license to Johnny Dobbins.


Over the past five years, as my team and I developed what we call a “clear box” solution for utility scale solar analytics, I have noticed a disturbing pattern of data protectionism and even flat out hostage taking by popular dashboard and kpi vendors operating in the space.

Almost weekly, I am helping clients and prospects navigate the industry’s toxic dependency on “dashboard solutions” acting as data lake providers. …

A collaborative team is the secret sauce in any successful startup

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Five years ago I joined a SaaS startup that had an idea to use natural language generation (NLG) to describe data. It was a no code environment at the time where only a viable idea was in place with a few development spikes already in the trash bin.

I have previously written “5 Thoughts After 5 Years — Building a Successful Engineering Team at a SaaS Startup” where I shared five key tenets to which I owe my current success as a technical leader.

Though, my success over these past five years was far from a foregone conclusion; actually, I had expected that I would fail a lot and from that I would discover the areas I needed to grow. My journey to become a better technical leader these past five years has taught me a few things, which are surprisingly not technical at all:

  1. Emotional intelligence is…

In deciding to join a SaaS startup 5 years ago, I understood that every fiber in my being would be challenged to change and grow. As the second hire, I recognized that my past accomplishments across a very storied career would mean little. As part of this growth exercise, I welcomed the idea of ‘starting over’ as I was certain it would offer me an education unlike any other.

I was not willing to walk away from everything I had learned, however. Some of my core beliefs would not change and I made it my mission to make them a…

I recently had the opportunity to discuss our product and industry with some internal partners here at NarrativeWave. Jump over and and read up!

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